About us

While we are preparing you a virtual coffee with honey and cinnamon or a cup of aromatic tea from our rich stocks, we will tell you who we are and what we can do to sell your product or service successfully.

Our specialization is in the development of brands and introduction of new products or services on the market, as well as maintaining them throughout their life cycle.

Our services are aimed at producers or importers of products and organizations in the private or public sector who want to enter new markets, expand or correct the image and perception of their products or services.

Our team and technical security have a completed structure, which allows us to execute a process from an idea to a finished product, therby having not only full control but also a clear responsibillity.

The company was established in 2002. Our team of 8 people with avarage age of 30, covering five areas - creative and copywriting, visual design, sound design, advertising, PR and events.

How about another cup of coffee?


These are the people who will welcome you in
Creative Studio Imagemakers

Petar Pavlov

technology and control

Stanislav Slavov

copywriting and creative

Elina Chendova

graphic designer

Ivelina Ivanova

graphic designer

Simeon Georgiev

web designer

Emil Simeonov

honored designer


Vencislav Djambazov

IT consultant

Eva Lazarova

media planning

Hristina Lakeva

event organiser

Svetoslav Zarov

sound designer