Vehicle branding

Vehicle branding is a very common practice. The main reason for this is that it is kind of advertising billboard for the company, but unlike those, the investment for their branding is only once and the impact is longer.

Of particular importance in the branding is to create a project with a sufficiently long life. Unless you have a more serious budget, the branding of the vehicle should not be linked to a campaign currently in progress, because after the end of the campaign you would have to brand the vehicle again. Vehicles are an advertising media with some very specific characteristics, because of the short time the user has to examine its information.

This requiers the advertising to combine an element of interest, but also extreme brevity in the message, and last but not least, a certain aesthetic flair.

Another very important point is for the developed project to be consistent with the diversity of the car fleet and to be applicable to both car and loading machines, without changing the style.

Complieance to these and many more factors, and production of a project for branding that suits you, is our job.

Naturally, all this will be completed with the wrapping of the car itself with premium Belgian and German foil which has a 7 year warrant.

  • Don't put too much information into the design if it cannot be understood at a glance, because the time people will spend on your branded car will be very short.