Do not overload the infographic with information. The sentences should be read at a glance. Any additional text only reduces their effectiveness.

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Creation of infographics solves a major problem – it visualizes simply and clearly complex processes and interconnected mechanisms, making them understandable at a glance. Infographics can be based on animation, 3D models, drawings, photographs, etc., and if necessary all these graphical elements can be explained in a structured and concise text.

We can do for you personalized infographics tailored to your corporate style and visualized in the most understandable way to the target audience.

Infographics have another valuable quality – they are perceived by users as friendly. This is the reasons infographics are often used to present products, services or process explanations. Whether you choose a static or animated infographic depends on the channel you are going to distribute – print or Facebook, YouTube and similar media. Animated infographics are a much cheaper alternative to classic video advertising. Do not hesitate to discuss your intentions with us – often good ideas are born exactly this way.