Media buying and planning

Since 1.7.2010 Imagemakers added to its portfolio the full spectrum of media services

Our services already include strategic media planning, negotiating, buying, evaluation, research and consulting. We offer all classic and new media - television, radio, press, outdoor advertising, advertising in cinemas, subway and internet. We are able to accomplish special deals at the request of our customers - sponsorship, marketing events and more.

Your direct benefit of our services in this area is that we have complete view of the media market and we can negotiate conditions that are difficult to achieve for you as an end consumer.

  • Pinpoint very carefully the target to which the advertising message will be send. It's the only way we can effectively select channels by which to achieve the objectives. The process will save you real money.

Use our experience and contacts at:

  1. Developing communication strategies and integraded advertising campaigns
  2. Selection and planning of classic and new media, non-traditional advertising channels
  3. Media booking and buying
  4. Certification and evaluation of advertising campaings by specialized software
  5. Marketing positioning analysis and consulting
  6. Determination of the target group and objectives of the campaign
  7. Study competitors and the market with the help of specialized software, as well as independed marketing agencies