Audio and video advertising

It is a great pleasure for us to develop audio spots. It is a challenge to create an interesting and most of all successful spot, especially having in mind the existence of so many others.

The creation of an audio spots covers the fallowing stages:

  1. Defining the goals of the spot and its targets
  2. The creative side and the choice between couple of scenarios. As an option we can test how the chosen scenario is accepted from a target group
  3. Voiceover specification (we work tighter with the top narrators in the country)
  4. Recording and studio work.Our sound studio is equipped with world class technology. The software is license and corresponds to all requirements which allow worldwide distribution.
  5. We hand over the ready made spot in an appropriate format on a branded medium.

Additional service that we provide is the opportunity to record original music. We have a rich music library.

Besides making audio-spots we can offer sound and dubbing for multimedia presentations and video-spots.

Singles as well as albums of Bulgarian performers are recorded in this studio.

  • Radio spots are efficient only if there is a sufficient repeatability. The broadcasting of only a few times is quite often a waste of money.