Copywriting and creative

The text is extremely important for every presentation or advertising material.

The service we offer is to save your time in creating and writing texts, at the same time your advertising message will sound clear, honest and appealing.

Part of the job of the copywriter is also to capture where it is necessary to add an accent and to estimate the style of the people to whom it is intended for.

Before handing over the text to the customer it goes to an obligatory proofreading check, guaranteeing that your advertising material will be correctly spelled and with an appropriate stylistic level.

  • If you don't use the services of a copywriter or an editor, please do check the text at least 5 times before handing it over to the print house. The first thing a customer notices is the spelling mistakes.

Advertising texts can be used for:

  1. Adverting catalogs, brochures, flyers, and all kinds of print out materials
  2. The invention of slogans and advertising messages
  3. Texts for audio an video clips
  4. The invention of new names for products and services - the so called Name Lab
  5. Commercial presentation including texts for web sites
  6. In writing speeches and appeals
  7. PR and or advertising material in the media