Common values are the element that makes us a team. We are guided by them in every action we take. We gladly share them with you because they will help you to know us and make our work not only easier but more enjoyable


We will not accept an order for which we are not fully confident we can deliver in the best possible way. One satisfied customer boasts to three people and one dissatisfied to three hundred people.


We don't look at our clients as a full wallet, but as an opportunity to create a long-term partnership.


Before the start of each order, we create and action plan. So that it's entirely clear at any time by who, when and what is expected and at which stage the project is.


Creativity is a consideration rather than intrusiveness. The goal of any advertising is to sell, not to win awards for advertising agencies.


For us it is very important not only to do a good job, but also to make the process fun for both parties. Work is done by people and people work better when they get along.

Personal choice

Regardless of the proposed fee, Imagemakers does NOT work for:

1. Projects that are likely to damage nature

2. Promotional materials promoting smoking

3. Advertising campaigns for striptease bars and similar

4. Political campaigns